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Roofing Insurance Claims

We offer an easy 5-step process for insurance claim repairs!

  1. Schedule an appointment with a Dale’s Roofing Inc. specialist for a free roof inspection.
  2. If our Roofing Specialist has verified that you have storm damage, they will provide a written estimate to submit to your insurance agent to start the claim process. (NOTE: Never file a claim before we have inspected your roof. After all, you may not have damage, and you don't want a claim on your record if it is not needed.)
  3. After the claim has been processed, an adjuster from your insurance company will visit your home to verify the storm damage and as well as write their own estimate. (Note: Don’t panic if the insurance quote does not match ours. Simply contact your roofing specialist and he or she will work out the details with your adjuster and you).
  4. Your insurance company will issue the first check for the repairs. You are now ready to get your new roof professionally installed. You’ll hold onto the check until the work is completed to your satisfaction. (Note: Homeowners are to keep this check until the work has been completed. Never give money to a contractor up front before a job has been completed).
  5. After our roofing team has completed the repairs, Dale’s Roofing Inc. will send you and your insurance company an invoice for the work done. Now you may release the first payment from the insurance company. Your insurance company will release a second check (referred to as the recoverable depreciation) to you, minus your deductible. Once you receive this payment, you may forward it on to us, along with your deductible and any upgrades you may have chosen. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the aesthetics of your new Dale’s Roofing, Inc. roof and have the peace of mind of a quality installation.