OUR Process

& First Steps

  • Once you have made the decision to have the roofing specialists at Dale’s Roofing service your roofing needs, our production department will contact you with the anticipated start-date, which will usually fall two-to-three days later.
  • Materials will be delivered by a Dale’s Roofing delivery truck.
  • You will receive a call the day before work begins to let you know we’re still on schedule for the following morning.

Arrival & Installation

  • Once our crew has arrived, the installation crew leader and our quality control inspector will discuss both the work order and the job with you.
  • We will back the company truck and trailer into your driveway and begin set-up. We will never park on your lawn or grassy areas without permission. Our set-up begins with a property protection, which consists of spreading tarps under the areas where we will be working and setting up plywood to protect your lawn, landscapes, driveway, decks, and other property features.
  • Our roofing crew will tear-off the back slope of your roof. The trash is our problem. Old shingles will be handled by us and deposited in the trailer we provide. After we have completed the tear-off of one slope, we will thoroughly clean and prepare the roof deck for shingle installation. This step includes re-nailing your roof’s decking and replacing any bad decking. All tarps will be relocated to the next section of roof, and the process repeats.
  • After the back slope has been cleaned and prepared, we will install the underlayment (felt paper, ice shield or synthetic felt) on the roof’s deck as well as the new drip edge.
  • Now we’re ready for the shingles. Each slope of the roof is addressed in sections. We always start on rear slope and work to front, and each section is started only when the last section has completely dried.
  • Once all shingles have been installed and everything is properly sealed, the roof and gutters will be blown clear of loose debris.
  • Your driveway, sidewalk, decks, etc. will be swept and blown clear. A large yard magnet will be used in the front and back yards to pick up any loose nails.

Quality & Satisfaction Confirmation

  • After our installation crew has completed the roof, our quality control inspector will do a walk-around with the crew leader to ensure the work surpasses our in-house excellence requirements.
  • Once the work has passed inspection, both the inspector and crew leader will sign the inspection form and turn it into the office.
    The quality control inspector will let you know the job is complete and answer any questions you might have.
  • You will receive one final call from our production department to ensure you are completely satisfied. Only after you have assured us of your satisfaction will you be invoiced for the work completed.
  • Your driveway, sidewalk, decks, etc. will be swept and blown clear. A large yard magnet will be used in the front and back yards to pick up any loose nails.

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