Warranties can be confusing, especially in terms of what they cover. Many homeowners assume they have better coverage than they actually do. Only when a problem arises do they learn what all their warranty doesn’t cover.

Most standard roof warranties only cover the shingles for a pro-rated reduced rate (meaning, the longer you have the roof, the more your warranty decreases in value). And there is much more to a roof than just shingles, so if you have an issue with a non-shingle component, you’re paying for that out of pocket. Even if there is an issue with your shingles, you’re still going to be out the cost of labor, something else that is not included in most standard roof warranties.

There’s a better way to warranty.
The Dale’s Way.

We offer a lifetime warranty that covers everything—shingles, roofing components, and workmanship at a non-prorated rate.

It’s a warranty that’s really a warranty.

Manufacturer Approved

Dale’s Roofing can offer non-prorated lifetime warranties by being a PLATINUM PREFERRED CONTRACTOR with Owens Corning. This elite designation means that we have and continue to meet rigid requirements that ensure the highest quality in every roof we install, including:

  • High standards and safety requirements
  • Workmanship that has been manufacturer-inspected and approved
  • A proven record of excellence in customer service
  • Financial stability
  • Have been in business for more than three years
  • Carry at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance

Not Just Anyone
Can Be A Platinum Preferred Contractor.

Dale’s Roofing is one of the only companies in the Greater Springfield Area that is awarded this designation year after year. We maintain our Platinum Preferred standing through our ongoing commitment to quality work, continuing education, new trends in technology, and the best tools and knowledge to complete each project.

Dale’s Roofing Warranty Information

In addition to excellent service and workmanship, Dale’s Roofing is proud to offer warranties for work completed. Warranty redemption periods are customizable depending on product and service.

  • 5–10 year Warranty for full roof replacement, tear offs, and re-roofs.
  • 1–5 year Warranty for roofing repairs.
For any questions regarding a Dale’s Roofing warranty or about your existing warranty, please contact us online or call us at 417.882.2158.

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