Four Reasons to Clean Your Gutters (And One Reason Not To)

Four Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

It is a fact universally acknowledged that no one likes cleaning their gutters. Yet, as homeowners, it’s one of those things you can’t ignore. There are reasons for gutter cleaning beyond just the aesthetic—certainly more than just the four we picked, but this should give you a good idea as to why this particular item on your to-do list needs to stay there. And, for those who really want one, we will provide a reason to skip gutter cleaning altogether. We’re giving like that.

Reason #1

Roof Damage

Being that we’re a roofing company, we have to start with the obvious. If your gutters get so jam-packed with leaves and other debris, water eventually won’t be able to properly drain and will start flooding over. This can lead to roof rot, among other things, and that’s an expensive fix no homeowner wants to have to make. As we’ve said before, homeowner’s insurance will only cover unpreventable roof damage—meaning if your adjuster comes out and sees that the damage could have been avoided if you’d cleaned your gutters, you’re most likely going to be paying out of pocket for the repair.

Reason #2

Pest Control

Damp leaves and twigs are all some pests need to feel right at home. Squirrels, birds, bugs, and other rodents might decide to move in and start their critter families. Aside from wanting to avoid an infestation or gutter damage, there are more pressing reasons why you should take strides to avoid hosting woodland creatures in your gutters. Bird droppings can impact your family’s health by causing or exacerbating conditions such as asthma, respiratory disease, skin disease, and encephalitis. There’s also the risk posed by allergic reactions or infections that could stem from the parasites that live off these pests. And if a swarm of bees or hornets decides your gutters are the place to build their nest? The cost can be significant.

Reason #3

Damage to Fascia

First, let’s define fascia. Fascia is a board mounted at the point on your roof where the roof itself meets the home’s exterior walls. By looks alone, you might consider it a finishing edge, but it plays a crucial role in the lifespan of your roof and overall protection of your home. It helps prevent moisture from seeping into your home. Clogged gutters are a great way to force water on the other side of the board, compromising the fascia’s integrity and potentially leading to larger issues down the line.

Reason #4

Cracks in Foundation 

While water pooling around your home’s foundation is something you want to avoid during all seasons, this is especially important to keep in mind as we head into the colder months. Overflowing water has to go somewhere—down being the most likely direction. Once it’s down there, if the temperature is low enough, it might freeze. This can lead to cracks in your home’s foundation. Even if temperatures are above-freezing, erosion will do its thing and lead to a host of unpleasant problems.

There are many more reasons why you should clean your gutters. And only one reason why you shouldn’t.

One Reason Why You Shouldn’t

Become a DRI Maintenance Club Member 

Okay, so we’re cheating, but really, there is no good reason to not clean your gutters. However, it’s nowhere in the rulebook that you have to go through the motions of doing this yourself. Time and energy aside, there is an inherent danger in getting on ladders, especially if it’s not something you do every day. Membership to the Dale’s Roofing DRI Maintenance Club is just $181/year and includes, among other things, annual gutter cleaning. Plus a bunch of other perks, including free roof inspections, discounts on repairs and replacements, debris removal, skylight cleaning, and priority appointments.

Is your DRI Maintenance visit scheduled yet? Call Dale’s Roofing. We’ll come out, clean your gutters, and make sure your roof is ready to head into the winter months.


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