Peace of Mind is What Homeowners Want for Christmas

It’s the time of year for making a list and checking it twice, which means it’s also the time of year for asking the dreaded question: “What do you want for Christmas?” of those nearest and dearest to you.

More often than not, you’re likely to hear some variation of the following in response:

“Oh, I don’t know.”

Not exactly helpful. But understandable. As an adult, it’s difficult thinking of something you want to receive as a gift. Particularly if you’re at the age where, well, you just buy what you want outright. No need to assign certain things a mental Christmas or birthday list—just whip out a credit card and be done with it.

The trouble is, adults also have these icky things called responsibilities, and responsibilities often come with financial obligations. Not items or experiences you necessarily want to spend money on but know you should because it’s the responsible thing to do. Home maintenance easily falls under this category. Do you want to do it? No. No one does. Do you have to? Well, if you want to protect your home and stave off the need for costly repairs down the line, you really do. That’s where Dale’s Roofing comes in.

Your roof is what stands between you and the elements. It’s also easy to ignore unless there’s a problem. The trouble is, by the time a problem is big enough to notice, it’s often the sort that requires a lot of work (and money) to correct. Membership to the Dale’s Roofing DRI Maintenance Club takes the burden of worrying about roof health off the homeowner, and includes the following benefits:

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged and overflowing gutters are more than just an eyesore. Left untended, packed gutters can lead to roof damage, foundational damage, attract pests such as mosquitos, birds, mice, and squirrels, and even contribute to worsening allergies or other illnesses by increasing the mold or pollen within a home. At the same time, gutters can be difficult and dangerous to clean, particularly if left to those who don’t spend a lot of time on ladders.

Annual gutter cleaning is included in the DRI Maintenance Club membership, conducted by insured pros who spend half their lives on roofs. One item to take off a loved one’s to-do list.

Address Minor Issues

One of the major perks of DRI Maintenance Club membership is the yearly 17-point inspection. Once we’re on your roof, it’s our job to make sure it’s in the best possible shape. We do this by checking the shingles, making sure everything is sealed up, and performing spot-treatments where necessary to keep your roof protected—all of this is included in the annual membership price. This allows us to stay on top of small issues before they become major problems.

Should more involved, additional repairs be needed, or should your roof need to be replaced, DRI members receive these services at a discount.

Looking Out for the Long-Term

Stay in a house long enough, and you’re almost guaranteed to need to replace the roof one day. We live in an area of the country that seizes all weather extremes, from tornadoes to ice storms, and your roof takes the brunt of all of that. Ongoing maintenance not only helps ensure it’s up to the task but can help you when it comes time to replace. We’ve had clients who, thanks to DRI Membership, were able to prove to their insurance company that they had, indeed, kept on top of maintenance, and the damage sustained to their roof was caused by extreme weather and not neglect.

These are just a few of the benefits available to DRI Maintenance Club members (there are a lot), and a few of the reasons why we think membership is one of the best things a homeowner can receive in their Christmas stocking. Talk to Dale’s Roofing about securing a DRI membership for a member of your family today. Or, if you want to shop for yourself, we promise we won’t tell Santa.


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