What an Attic Inspection Can Tell You

Attics are easily the most neglected part of your home when it comes to regular checkups. Since it’s out of sight, it’s also out of mind. Plus, attics can be extremely unpleasant to climb into given our scorching hot summers and teeth-chattering winters. However, as doctors check your throat during a routine physical, you need to incorporate an attic check into your home maintenance routine. To avoid unpleasant extremes in temperature, spring is best to check this area, especially when it’s a rainy season.

Attic inspections are also important for anyone thinking about buying a home, as they can tell you a lot about the home’s history.

Pick a sunny day for your attic check.

If the sun is out but you can see it peeking in through some cracks, you might have spotted an entry for water. While some roofs allow for this by their design (shake roofs, for instance), as a rule, you should not be able to see through your roof to the sky, no matter how small the opening.

Check any areas for signs of leakage.

At the same time, though, if you find evidence, don’t panic. Dark spot staining, for example, can be indicative of damage, but it could also be a sign of a leak that was already fixed. Knowing your roof’s age and history will help determine if you need assistance. You might also consider documenting the suspected leak by snapping a quick picture and revisiting the spot at a later date to see if anything has changed.

Even if the sun is out, bring your flashlight and check for mold or mildew. Mold itself can be a symptom of a long term leak. If you find any, it might point to wood rot and decay.

Don’t forget the nails

You should be able to see nails all over the place, but if you notice a large area where there are no nails or long ends coming through, this can be indicative of nails having been pulled out or improper shingle nailing, where shingles can be lifted during strong winds. This can result in shingles being torn off and the wood underneath being left exposed to the elements—a perfect storm for developing a roof leak.

When it comes to protecting your home, your roof is your first line of defense. If you have a question, concern or problem, call the experts at Dale’s Roofing. Attic inspections are a part of the DRI Maintenance Club yearly inspection, along with roof analysis and gutter cleaning, on top of additional discounts and benefits. Our goal is to prevent minor issues from becoming major ones—and attic inspections play an integral role in achieving it.



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