What To Know Before Installing Skylights

If you are looking for ways to increase the amount of natural sunlight in your home, skylights are a great solution. They are an investment, it’s true, but one that can pay back in reduced heating and cooling costs as well as federal tax credits.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your skylights.

Quality Matters 

Your list of considerations should include energy efficiency, sound reduction, wind resistance, water tightness, and other factors. Your skylight provider should be familiar with the area and its various climate challenges to make the best recommendation of the sort of skylight that makes sense for you. This investment can impact the overall value of your home, so if you decide to make it, make sure you trust the right people to walk you through the process.

Dale’s Roofing is a Featured 5-Star Installer for Velux skylights and roof windows, so we’re here to help ensure you find the skylights that make sense for you and your home.

Hire a Professional

There are some home projects better suited for DIY than others. There are simply too many factors to consider when installing skylights, and since part of the process entails removing shingles and ensuring the flashing is properly waterproofed, it’s better to trust professionals than possibly cause damage to your roof, either during the installation or down the line. Beyond the mechanics of installing the skylight itself, a professional will be better versed in responding to unexpected issues that arise.

Glass & Design 

Different skylight designs might have different impacts on your home’s heating. The type of glass you choose can help maximize or minimize the amount of heat that filters in. Be sure to ask your contractor how the different types of glass available respond to solar heat.

Since glass is breakable, we recommend ask your roofing contractor for material recommendations. Different types of glass can do different types of damage upon breaking.

There are many additional benefits to skylights. Increased exposure to natural light has been linked to improving mood and health. Openable Velux skylights can also improve your home’s airflow by reducing allergens. Some models include solar sensors that trigger the skylight to close when it rains—your options remain open, whether you’re looking for something ultra-sophisticated, or simple and understated.

That said, skylights aren’t a good solution for every home, depending on attic space. That doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Check back next month for our discussion on sun tunnels.

Have a question about skylights? Give your friends at Dale’s Roofing a call. We’ll help you determine if skylights make sense for your home, locate the best placement, and complete installation.


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