The Best Time to Replace Your Roof

We’ll start with the elephant in the room. No one wants to have to replace their roof. It is just one of those necessary evils of homeownership. Thankfully, with regular maintenance, the need only rises every twenty years to thirty years. However, if your roof is of a certain age, or if you’re having to make constant repairs, it might be time for a replacement.

The best time to replace your roof is ideally when you’ve had a chance to prepare or plan. Getting a new roof is a lot of things, among them LOUD. If you work from home, have noise-sensitive pets, or other considerations, make sure you give yourself enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Beyond that, and unless there’s something seriously wrong with your roof that demands immediate action, you can be rather deliberate in scheduling.

So what advantages do certain seasons have over others? Let’s go through the list.


It’s probably no surprise that winter isn’t the ideal time to replace your roof. Even if we’re lucky enough to avoid snow or ice accumulation, it can get blisteringly cold in the Ozarks, and these conditions can make your roofing materials hard and fragile. There is no point replacing a roof with cracked shingles. Furthermore, sealants aren’t as effective in cooler weather, increasing the amount of time it takes for shingles to adhere to one another.

This does make winter the ideal time to start planning for your new roof, talking to roofing companies, and getting on their schedule for warmer months.


Spring is usually the time homeowners everywhere learn just how hard the winter was on their roofs. Snow and ice start to melt, and you might notice problem areas cropping up all over the place. And if snowfall wasn’t a huge concern over the winter months, spring usually brings with it its share of intense winds and storms.

The good news? Spring weather is ideal for working outside for materials, tools, and laborers. However, keep in mind that spring is usually a busy time for roofing companies. The sooner you reach out, the quicker Dale’s Roofing can get you on schedule, even if it’s a few months down the road.


Unsurprisingly, summer is a very popular time to have your roof replaced. The chances for clear weather are at their highest, the sun is in constant shine-mode, and the heat is typically great enough to trigger the tar strip on the back of your shingles so they can properly adhere to your roof.

That said, earlier in the summer is best. The temperatures and the humidity tend to be less extreme, and you’re less likely to run into summer storms.


This time of year is second only to summer in terms of popularity when it comes to replacing your roof. Milder temperatures plus greater weather stability equals the perfect conditions for roofing contractors, often allowing them to get work done quicker than in seasons with extreme hot and cold fluctuations.

As we said, the more planning you can put into your new roof, the better. Don’t hesitate to call Dale’s Roofing to start planning your roofing project, even if you’re thinking about next year. We book out far and fast, so the sooner you reach out, the better the odds of getting your chosen time slot.


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